Semalt Specifies The Best Web Image Scrapers

Web scraping is a complicated process that fetches new or existing data from a website and stores it as per your desires. Not only the text but also images and videos can be extracted using special web scraping software, as these programs enable us to crawl the World Wide Web without basic knowledge of coding. Also, they can organize and extract as many texts and pictures as you want.

1. Cyotek WebCopy:

Using Cyotek WebCopy we can extract or scrape all the pictures from a website or blog in no time. This free tool lets us copy a site partially or entirely on your hard drive for offline uses. It also saves your pictures without compromising on quality and scans both simple and advances sites before downloading pics or content to your machine.

2. HTTrack:

As a powerful website scraper, HTTrack provides us with different functions and is suitable for downloading an entire site along with its content and pictures. This program comes in different versions and is compatible with Linux, Windows, Unix, and Sun Solaris. You can decide the number of pictures you may want to extract and download them to your computer. You can easily get plenty of high-quality photos, videos, HTML code, and files from any site you want.

3. Octoparse:

Octoparse is a free image and content scraping program that can extract all types of data from both simple and advanced websites. You can use this tool to rip a site with its extensive capabilities and functionalities. Its point-and-click UI allows you grab all types of text and images, and organize data in HTML and Excel formats.

4. Getleft:

Getleft is one of the best software to scrape all pictures from a site or blog. It can download the entire site instantly due to its multiple options, functions, and capabilities. The only thing you need to do is to enter the URL of a site you may want to extract. Getlift supports fifteen different languages and offers multilingual functions.

5. OutWit Hub:

OutWit Hub is a famous Firefox add-on that comes with dozens of data and picture extraction features. It significantly simplifies the web search and helps browse a large number of data. You can also store your favorite files, data and images on your hard disk for offline users. OutWit Hub comes with a user-friendly interface and lets us scrape any website.

6. ParseHub:

Parsehub is one of the simplest and most useful software to scrape pictures from a site. It is a powerful program that collects data from various websites and is best known for its AJAX technology, cookies, and JavaScript. It can identify, analyze and transform images into relevant and useful data within a few seconds.

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